Jenesis 4 Java Code Generator

Generating Java sources from strings or patterns can become very inconvenient, in those cases Jenesis 4 Java can be a solution for you. Jenesis 4 Java is a DOM (domain object model) of the Java programming language. The complete java class including annotations and comments is constructed with as a DOM (that can be manipulated in as many passes you need) until you let it encode to a java file.

A simple hello world example:

        // Get the VirtualMachine implementation.  
        VirtualMachine vm = VirtualMachine.getVirtualMachine();
        // Instantiate a new CompilationUnit.  The argument to the
        // compilation unit is the "codebase" or directory where the
        // compilation unit should be written.
        // Make a new compilation unit rooted to the given sourcepath.
        CompilationUnit unit = vm.newCompilationUnit("/tmp");
        // Set the package namespace.
        // Add an import statement for fun.
        // Comment the package with a javadoc (DocumentationComment).
        unit.setComment(Comment.D, "Auto-Generated using the Jenesis Syntax API");
        // Make a new class.
        PackageClass cls = unit.newClass("HelloWorld");
        // Make it a public class.
        // Extend Object just for fun.
        // Implement serializable just for fun.
        // Comment the class with a javadoc (DocumentationComment).
        unit.setComment(Comment.D, "The HelloWorld example class.");
        // Make a new Method in the Class having type VOID and name "main".
        ClassMethod method = cls.newMethod(vm.newType(Type.VOID), "main");
        // Make it a public method.
        // Make it a static method
        // Add the "String[] argv" formal parameter.
        method.addParameter(vm.newArray("String", 1), "argv");

        // Create a new Method Invocation expression.
        Invoke println = vm.newInvoke("System.out", "println");
        // Add the Hello World string literal as the sole argument.
        println.addArg(vm.newString("Hello World!"));
        // Add this expression to the method in a statement.

        // Write the java file.

This a republished and refactored version of the Jenesis code generator published by inxar, because the original library is not available in the Internet anymore.

Jenesis is included in ibiblio, the standard maven repository.